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Seasonal storage cost

A seasonal storage facility like the LM-C option (Liquid Methane-Cycle) presented in Easa I. Al-musleh et al. [1] requires: reversible fuel cell system, liquefaction train, storage tanks for cryogenic liquids, reactors for the Sabatier reaction and all the rest of components necessary in a chemical site (heat exchangers, flahs drums, distillation/absorption columns, power system, etc). Nevertheless it has only been possible to calculate the cost for the first three elements of the list, as the published data is not detailed enough to assess a complete plant cost estimation.

Reversible fuel cell system

Nowadays no reversible fuel cell can be found on the market. Electrolizers and fuel cells can be bought but the reversible technology is still under development. Due to the lack of data about this technology, the cost of reversible fuel cells has been assumed to be equivalent to the cost of advanced cogeneration systems.

Liquefaction train

Specific investment [CHF2010/kWCH4] [1]
MIN 134
MID 270
MAX 475
O&M cost [CHF2010/kWCH4]*

*It is assumed to be the 5% of the investment cost.

Life time [years] 25

Storage tank for cryogenic liquids

Specific investment [CHF2010/m3] [2]
MIN 1'875
MID 1'947
MAX 2'019
O&M cost [CHF2010/m3]*

*It is assumed to be the 5% of the investment cost.

Life time [years] 25


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