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Fuel specific emissions in the Transport Model

The values that are in the next tables include the emissions the are related to the fuel production&transport and its combustion in the engine. The data shown are average values for each fuel, they do not depend on the type of engine or vehicle.

The ecoinvent datasets that have been chosen as representative for the ethanol and biodiesel production&transport are:

  • ethanol, 99.7% in H2O, from biomass, at service station (CH)
  • rapemethyl ester, at regional storage (CH)
IPCC07 GWP 10a [1000t/PJfuel] [1]
GasOil/EthanolDieselJet fuel
Fossil 62.07 91.33 88 85.4
Bio 12.17 23.29 53.32
Deposited waste [MM UBP/PJfuel] [1]
GasOil/EthanolDieselJet fuel
Fossil 129.42 714.05 575.58 582.30
Bio 4987.80 2736.99 2542.4


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