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Hydro river cost

It has been assumed that the actual 3.8 GW will always be used. The cost for this existing capacity is based in the next data.

Specific investment [CHF2010/kWe]
MIN 4'435 [3]
MID 5'300 [1]
MAX 5'500 [4]
O&M cost [CHF2010/kWe]
53 [1]
Lifetime [years] 40 [1]

The first step to calculate the cost of the new capacity is to study how is the new electricity production going to be obtained. It is estimated that in 2050 the extra electricity production from Run-of-river can amount to 3'600 GWh. This value do not include the reduction due to the effect of LEaux. The next table has been created with the information from PROGNOS(2012)[5] and OFEN(2012)[6].

Potential increase in electricity production (2050 compared to 2011) [GWh]
New small hydro (<10 MWe)1'600
Renovation 676.5
New big hydro 1'323.5
Total 3'600

A capacity factor of 0.507 has been assumed for obtaining the power capacities from the previous table. The obtained power and the data/assumptions presented in the next lines allow to calculate the cost linked to the new electricity production.

New small hydro

(<10 MWe)

Specific investment [CHF2010/kWe] [7]
2035 2050
MIN 6'321 6'196
MID 8'019 7'904
MAX 9'717 9'612
O&M cost [CHF2010/kWe] [7]
2035 2050
145 143
Life time [years] 40 [2]


The cost for the extra capacity obtained through renovation is 5'224 CHF/kWe [7]. No O&M cost is considered as this cost is already accounted in the existing facilities.

New big hydro

The cost is based on the data for the already existing facilities.


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