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What can I choose in the calculator?

The calculator lets you choose the share of total decentralised heat demand covered by absorption heat pumps in Switzerland in the selected year (2035 or 2050).

Absorption heat pump

image Gcaserio, via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)


  • Impact
  • Global market
  • Definition
  • Constraints
  • Assumptions
  • References

IMPACT – What are the impacts of Absorption Heat Pumps?

In Switzerland, increasing the share of Absorption Heat Pumps will have the following impacts:

Energy system

image Reduce final energy demand slightly.

image Likely to increases total fossil fuel demand.

image Likely to decrease energy independence and energy security by requiring greater fossil imports.

Environment & Climate

image May reduce global CO2 emissions slightly.

image Risk of leaks of ammonia or lithium bromide

Society & Economy

image Likely to increase the cost of the energy system transition.

image Likely to increase the cost of an individual heating system particularly if a ground-heat source system is used.

image May worsen balance of payments by substituting oil imports for domestic electricity.

image May increase Confederation income from the tax on mineral oil under the current taxation system.

GLOBAL MARKET – What is the global market for Absorption Heat Pumps?

Absorption heat pumps and chillers are best suited to situations where sources of heat are readily available, thus they are currently mostly deployed in industrial applications. Residential absorption heat pumps are still a relatively early stage technology. As they are most relevant to locations without access to the electricity grid but with access to heat, their applicability is inherently limited.


DEFINITION - What is an Absorption Heat Pump?

An absorption heat pump is a device that draws heat from the environment and delivers it to a space to be heated at a higher temperature using an evaporation – compression – condensation – expansion cycle. Absorption heat pumps are driven using high grade heat which, in distributed applications would likely come from the combustion of natural gas or heating oil, or possibly geothermal sources.

CONSTRAINTS - What are the key barriers facing Absorption Heat Pumps deployment?

• Absorption heat pumps are best suited to locations without connexion to the electricity grid and access to sources of heat such as geothermal, which limits their applicability.

ASSUMPTIONS – What are the assumptions considered in the calculator?

Next tables contain the assumptions that have been introduced in the Thermal heat pump model of the calculator.

2011 2035 2050
1.5 [1]1.5 2
CO2-eq. emissions [kgCO2-eq./MJfuel] 0.0737
Deposited waste [UBP/MJfuel] 1.85
Specific investment [CHF2010/kWth] 532


[1] Visa Technologies, Information about Robur gas driven heat pumps.

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