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Coal efficiency

The data for efficiencies and emissions of the Coal Power Plants with and without CCS comes from the NEEDS project. In the report [1], there are three different forecasts for each technology and year (2025 or 2050): Pessimistic (PE), Realistic optimistic (RO) and Very optimistic (VO).

Next table includes the efficiencies for the different kinds of coal power plants together with the scenarios that have been selected for the years 2035 and 2050 in the calculator.

Efficiency [%] [1]
2035 2050
Technology No CCS CCS No CCS CCS
SC46 (2011)
USC50 (2050PE)43 (2050PE)52 (2025VO)45 (2025VO)
A-USC52 (2025VO)45 (2025VO)54 (2050RO)49 (2050RO)
IGCC54 (2025RO)48 (2025RO)54.5 (2050RO)48.5 (2050RO)

The efficiency of a coal power plant is defined as follows:

$\eta = \frac{E^-}{Q^+}$

$\eta$ Efficiency [%]
$E^-$ Electricity produced by the alternator [kWh]
$Q^+$ Combustion heat from coal (LHV basis) [kWh]


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