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Industry energy intensity

The energy intensity of the industry is a parameter which synthesises the efficiency evolution of the Swiss industry. It is expressed in kWh/CHF. This metric represents the average energy consumption of the industry for producing an amount of goods worth 1 CHF. The lower this value; the higher the efficiency of the industry. In 2011 the Swiss industry consumed an average of 0.34 kWh/CHF [1].

The values for the annual average heating demand are taken from the three scenarios presented in PROGNOS 2012 [1] and they define the max and min values for the industry efficiency slider.

Average industry energy intensity [kWh/CHF]
Scenarios 2035 2050
New energy policies 0.20 0.15
Political measures of the Federal Council 0.23 0.18
Business as usual 0.25 0.20

As mentioned in industry efficiency slider each scenario relies on a series of assumptions, one of them is the energy intensity evolution for each type of industry. Next table has grouped the industries depending on their energy intensity level.

Energy intensity by groups [kWh/CHF]
Scenarios High e.i.Medium e.i. Low e.i.
2035 2050 2035 2050 2035 2050
New energy policies 2.97 2.99 0.29 0.20 0.07 0.06
Political measures of the Federal Council 3.06 3.13 0.34 0.26 0.08 0.07
Business as usual 3.26 3.39 0.38 0.30 0.08 0.07

In order to be able to calculate the average industry energy intensity it is necessary to know the Swiss industry mix based on the classification used on the previous table.

The reader will find more information about assumptions and parameters for the different scenarios in the chapters 7.4.3; 8.4.3 and 9.4.3 of PROGNOS 2012 [1].


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